Meaghan Fowlie

Research Interests

My primary research interests lie in connecting mathematical and computational linguistics with mainstream syntax. Mathematical approaches can complement mainstream approaches, for example by identifying the place of human language in the Chomsky hierarchy, and it can also clarify existing theories, by forcing their formulation to be completely explicit.

I focus mainly on Minimalist Grammars, Ed Stabler (1997 etc)'s formalisation of Chomsky (1995 etc)'s minimalism. MGs are of interest because they define the right general class of languages (MCFLs), they are an efficient and intuitive formalism, and as they are formalisations of the current work of a great many syntacticians, MGs are a bridge to mainstream syntax.

Current Projects

  • Ergativity

  • Mathematical models of syntax

  • Learnability of optionality and repetition

  • Parsing and statistical learning

  • Formal Language Theory, especially subregular tree languages

  • Artificial language learning of syntax

    Other Research