Meaghan Fowlie



Prerequisites: To succeed in this class you should have seen at least a bit of (constituency-based) syntax before, such as context-free grammars. Even just a unit in an introductory course is probably enough. If you're not sure, email me.

Time and Place: Tuesdays 12:00-13:30 in C7.2 seminar room U15, April 25-July 25 2017 (14 weeks)

Evaluation (this may change): 7-credit version: 50% paper or project; the rest divided up as follows: 70% presentation, 20% exercises, 5% general participation

Papers due Friday Sept 1

Course Description

In this seminar we will explore minimalist syntax, from Chomsky's original formulation (The Minimalist Program) through Stabler's formalisation (Minimalist Grammars), and on to Minimalist approaches to linguistic phenomena.

Course style

This course will be a combination of lecture-style and seminar-style. Each unit will begin with a class or sometimes two of lecture and in-class excersies to get a handle on the formal material. After that students will present papers from the literature.


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